Logan Elwood

My Story Is Unique; No Doubt, Yours Is Too. If The Universe Brings Us Together; We Should Both Tip The Messenger. I'm a Business Partner without the Paperwork -- I Live to Understand, Learn, Conquer, Build, and Expand Companies alongside Industries.

If I'm Interested In Your Company [//Vision //Future], and If You're Interested In Me... Then Get Ready For Me To Jump Aboard; Because One Thing Is For Sure, We Are Going To The Moon!


There Is Nothing I Won't Become an Expert At; As I am a Relentless Learner. I'm an Analytical Quant // Growth Hacker. I Am Very Perceptive; I Analyze Beyond Word's People Say To How They Are Heard or Perceived by 1st and 3rd Parties down their Respective Lines. I do the Same Thing with Businesses, Technology, etc. I am a Work Horse With Very Grounded Ethical Roots; With Stanima of About 64 Straight Hours of A Highly Perceptive Analytical Mind, Until I Fall Asleep Drinking Coffee and require Cooldown of 6-10 Hours. You May Ask; Then, Why Don't You Just Go Predict The Stock Market. I've Traded Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Equities over the past 2 years and Have Predicted Many Accurate Market Movements. But I'm A Business Man at Heart; Making Money Is Just Part of The Real [Best] Journey... and Trading Is Lonely!


I'll Be In It Until The End! I'm The Most Loyal Professional You'll Ever Know! The Fact That I'm Available are Due to Incredible Circumstances, I Can Assure. Everything I do, Involves Highly Targeted Outcomes. If Everyone Else Bails; I'll Still Be There Holding Everything Together! I Only Work on What I Believe In, And I Always Succeed. I Strive To Make Those Around Me Succeed, As Well. I Have an incredibly High Attention To Detail, and Multi Task To a High Degree. I'm a Business Partner Without The Paperwork. I'll Learn Every Detail About The Company and Always Say/Do Whatever Is Best For The Company. Most Likely; I'd Be Taking a Pay Decrease To Jump Aboard Your Family, And That's Okay With Me! You Can Make It Up To Me When We're On The Moon!

An Innate Entrepreneur

“No matter how improbable it may seem, the tenth man has to start thinking with the assumption that the other nine are wrong.”

Early Years:

1997: I was 11 years old when I hacked into my local schools' user managment system and obtained full access to all user accounts along with all data within multiple internalized local schools - k-12. ~~I immediately helped them secure their admin credentials/access points~~

1998: 12 years old; I started working for Nickelodean on Paid Contract; Performing Upstream Marketing via Managing & Moderating the official "Nickelodean" AOL Chat Room every Week. During the same time period, I developed my first website; reverse engineering every programming language relevant to understand, learn and use to my advantage.

I developed the Chamber of Commerce website for my hometown before my teen years. By 14, I was assisting teaching the Programming/Web Design classes at the High School, due to my advanced knowledge of languages and creative use of programming, at the time.

2001: 15 Years Old; I Attended The Accredited University of Wisconsin per Request/Invite To Meet With Tech Companies Representatives such as Macintosh (at the time), Windows, Macromedia, Adobe, etc to Test, Discuss, and Review Beta versions of Operating Systems (osX/Classic crossover) and various Software (Macromedia Flash/ActionScript,etc) alongside other Technology Professionals.

Recent Years

21 Years Later; I've spent the last 5 years being Mentored by a Successful Serial Entrepreneur; building several Multi-Million dollar startups, and developing proprietary technology. I know all things Tech, and have an innate entrepreneurial mindframe. I'm experienced meeting with Angel Investors/V.C. in Silicon Valley and New York; I've helped other Startups recruit the Best and Brightest; I know New, Emerging Technology (A.I., Blockchain, Machine Learning, Etc); I am [or will become] an Expert in Any Industry I Focus on (AdTech, FinTech, EduTech, Wallstreet, etc). I know the Best Cyber Sec Experts, the Best Developers (and Cheapest), and so on.

But I don't just have good connections, skills and experiences; I have Amazing Skills/Dedication to Making Money, and Saving Money. Generating Hundreds of Thousands in Profit/Month, or Convincing A Vendor to Credit/Settle Large Sums By Mincing Their Words.

I've Created one of the Largest Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Networks and Ran It Independently; I've Created a Multi-Million Dollar EdTech Company in a Single Month; and am Writing a Thesis on Industry AdTech and EdTech Fraud That I Have Independently Discovered and Proven.

Can You Guess How Many Embezzlers I have Caught (and assisted in successfully Prosecuting Civil/Criminal) within the Past 3 years? I'm So Good At Making Money; If Someone Is Standing In The Way, I'll Catch Them. I Have an Extremely High Attention to Detail; Beyond What Most Can Envision. I Am Not Joking When I Declare That If I'm Awake, There is a 98% Chance I'm Working.

I'd Prefer To Discuss Recent Experience Over The Phone and/or in Person. Especially regarding my Knowledge on The Financial Markets, Wallstreet, and Trading in general.

I'm A Very Private Person; As Are The Professionals I have Worked Along Side Over the Past Decade. For Privacy and Avoidance of Personal Information Dissemmination; I'm Redacting Prior Work History Details But Am Happy To Discuss In Person.

  1. Senior Level Executive - AdTech, FinTech, EduTech, CyberSec, Tech Recruiting, A.I/DataScience, Telecom, Wallstreet..

  2. Business & Financial Analyst to C-Level Executives.

  3. Senior Level Executive - Travel/Tech/Legal

  4. Business Administration w/ Entrepreneurship Emphasis
    2008 -University of Wisconsin

  5. International Business
    2006 - Arnhem Business School

Wallstreet Analysis/Predictions: